I am a Merbit (Mermaid + Hobbit)

I am a New York transplant born of a Danish mother and an Austrian father; I graduated summa cum laude from Purchase College with a BA in Cinema Studies.

I believe in truth, compassion and using art to improve the collective unconscious.
I consider myself a magical creature of sorts. I love using film as my magical, storytelling extension.

An avid filmgoer I strive to combine the lexicon of cinematic storytelling to capture the realism of everyday life.

I am a certified Remote Pilot In Command which is a fancy way to say I can fly my drone almost* anywhere for professional reasons (weddings, real estate, surveying, etc.).


Truth, beauty, freedom and above all else LOVE.

I borrow this from my idol Baz Luhrmann and his film, Moulin Rouge. Yes it’s corny and a little bit cheesy but so am I. In all of my work, I strive to illuminate these core values- the basis of human existence. Every person is unique in their own right even if the concept of weddings and marriage is not.

Through my films, I hope to show the truth of who you are as a couple. From the defining details, you have chosen to the loving words you speak I am here to capture these once in a lifetime moments so you will forever be able to relive the most powerful day of your lives.

Since 2001 I have always been obsessed with the fantasy and universal themes that Lord of the Rings represents. What makes the story so powerful is the idea that even the smallest person can change the course of the world. There is immense beauty in the simplicity of this idea and it speaks directly to my heart.

Photos by Erin Wheat


I would love to hear from you! Wedding, event, drone work, real estate etc....LET'S COLLABORATE. Tell me all the things: what/where/when so I can begin to make my magic work for you.


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