Why Video?

Immortalize the sights, sounds, and emotions of your biggest day.

You are about to make a serious commitment for the rest of your lives- investing in capturing that commitment is just as important. A video of your day captures more than just the images you will forever remember.

Video coverage captures the visuals of the day; the smile while walking down the aisle the laugh while dancing or that embrace from across the room. Video also allows for coverage of the sounds of the day. The power of the spoken word and hearing your partner share their vows has an emotional power unlike any other. Perhaps you got married in the wild and want to hear nature’s love song of birds and the wind. My wedding videos transport you back to that magical day so you can relive it forever in your hearts.

No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.
– Ingmar Bergman


Choosing the right video package.



Think THE best music video EVER. Six hours of coverage, single shooter and final edit of 5-7 minutes. If you're looking for the most basic way to capture your wedding this is it! Music and emotion-driven.



The biggest package. Eight hours of coverage, 2 shooters and final edit of 10+ minutes. This longer package allows for sound bites of the day. Parts of vows, speeches, etc. will be edited into this video to recreate the emotion of the day.



Elopements start at 2 hours of coverage, single shooter and 3-5minutes for a final edit. Elopement packages are for weddings of 15 persons or smaller and CANNOT be held on a Saturday. Please ask me about all my EXTRAS to make the most of your Elopement!


Multiple packages and a la carte ad-ons - together we can create a wedding experience you'll cherish forever.


Destination Wedding

All inclusive wedding video coverage. It's a flat rate for me to come to you for the wedding of your dreams. Final edit is 5-7 minutes comes with a teaser trailer, DRONE FOOTAGE INCLUDED, and coverage of 1 excursion of the weekend.


The Oscar

The name says it all. My biggest and BOUJIEST package. What sets this package apart: REAL FILM FOOTAGE. We will have 3 shooters present with multiple cameras rolling including a Super 8 film camera. Your final edit will be 12-15 minutes giving plenty of time to add in Super 8 footage and ample pieces of speeches and ceremony. Drone footage, social media vignettes, coverage of one excursion or rehearsal dinner AND a separate edit for the Super 8 footage. PHEW! It's all a couple could wish for!

REACH OUT! I have so many ad-on options- Super 8 film, drone footage etc...




A comprehensive video designed to make your property shine. I will take your prospective clients on a walkthrough of the house. With my drone, I will capture dramatic shots of the exteriors.

The shoot typically takes 3-5 hours depending on the size of the house. The final video is around 3 minutes. My turnaround time is a week or less for the final product. The key features of the house can be emphasized with written text on the screen or scripted and spoken by a professional voiceover actor.

Price varies upon the square footage of the house as well as. how many rooms. Please contact me for further details!



A progress report of your property no matter the stage. Pricing starts at $150 per-site visit with a basic edit (straight forward no music). To add music, text, and logo the price is $250. For large properties with footage of land plus multiple houses, the price is $500 with text, logos, and music.

$250/ HOUR


I don't only shoot wedding films and real estate, I would love to work with you on a sales video, commercial, music video or any creative project! My rates are listed below but please reach out and see what we can do together!

Cinematographer: $250/hour
Editing: $125/hour
Day Rate: $2,500

Reach out and get on my books.


How long until we see our finished film?

If you are opting to add vignettes to your package (highly recommend) then you will see receive a few within the first few weeks of your wedding. As with vignettes I try to get trailers out within a month of the wedding! For the final product, I edit as quickly as possible but in the summer months, the wait is longer! Figure anywhere between 8-14 weeks for the final product.

Do you offer photography as well?

Personally NO I have found it is best to find your niche and stick to it! Movement and emotions inspire me- the visual language is how I choose to express my art. That being said I am happy to recommend my favorite photographers to work with.

How far out should we book?

ASAP! For traditional weddings you only have 52 Saturdays in a year- and there is only one of me. I ALWAYS recommend booking as soon as you can! Also, you can check it off your pre-wedding checklist! Yay! However if you're NOT doing a traditional wedding and are looking for the elopement option-then WE have options. We can create a custom wedding package and experience tailored to you and your partner's needs!

What extras do you recommend?

DRONE! If you're getting married Jackson why wouldn't you want to capture the epic landscape brilliantly as your backdrop. Drone adds dynamic images most brides don't get in their traditional wedding videos.

SECOND SHOOTER- whether eloping or going for the Cinematic Short package a second shooter is never a bad idea. More cameras rolling=more angels and less chance of missing some wild moment you will want to remember forever!

SOCIAL MEDIA VIGNETTES: this option is unique to me as a filmmaker. When thinking of what I would want from my wedding day video coverage the answer is most certainly- amazing footage complied with great music edited specifically for Instagram and Facebook! Social Media Vignettes allow you to share your best moments of you two looking your best with your entire social media following.

Can you film just the ceremony?

No, and here's why: it's not worth it to tell only a part of your story. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news BUT the ceremony is the longest and dullest part of your day IF* unedited. This is why my shortest package for wedding day coverage is 6 hours- that gives me time to get the behind the scenes getting ready shots that establish the place you got married. Compiling these clips with some of your vows and the best reception footage makes for the whole story start to finish!

Can we get the full ceremony and speeches edited separately?

Yes of course! For full coverage of the ceremony and all the speeches, I must be notified beforehand so we will have at least one camera running the entire time. Then it's a fee of $1,200 on top of the package price for all the extra footage and editing hours it will take to create that specific video.



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