we capture stories of love, discovery,andexploration.


At Diana Edlinger Studios

We capture stories of love, discovery, and exploration.



The stories we tell are as different as the clients we work with —

With a daring approach that speaks to the authenticity of your perspective, we take photos and videos that highlight your story.

We believe that the kind of storytelling people really want to see connects on a deeper level — a soul level. Whether digital, analog, drone, or film, we have the tools to dive into every soul.

and that's how we like it.

the lead creative and head of studio at Diana Edlinger Studios.

A daughter of immigrants, a steward of stories, and an explorer of life.

For me, life has always gone hand in hand with telling visual stories. From the second I was born, my photographer dad gave me the bug — and between home videos and soccer games, I spent every second I could dreaming up a life that would let me tell those stories. 

Now, I run Diana Edlinger Studios from my home base in Jackson, WY. Trained in film, photo, and the art of human emotion, I spend my life traveling across the country to help my clients turn their love, their lives, and their adventures into timeless visual heirlooms. As a photographer and videographer by trade, my mission is simple: to get the core of who my clients are through beautiful artistic expression.

I’m Diana Edlinger




Aharon Bram is the founder of Aharon Bram Videography based in Jackson, WY. He has been creating video since the tenth grade and fine tuned his skills at University of Colorado in Boulder where he graduated with a Film Studies BA and Film Production BFA. He started shooting weddings in Jackson in 2016 and it has been a cornerstone of his business ever since. He specializes in outdoor commercial and documentary productions, traveling the world with his RED digital cinema camera and drones. He has filmed in remote locations including the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, Patagonia in Argentina and all across the USA. He has always taken pride in his professionalism while capturing authentic moments that create memories for a lifetime. 

Josh has an active and engaged imagination that seeks to tell compelling stories in a unique and chimerical way. In 2014 Josh began his video production career as an intern for Jackson based KGB Productions where his love for exploring the outdoors converged with his love for cinematic storytelling. Since that time, Josh has branched out in the freelance world and has worked diligently to hone his skills as a cinematographer and editor, but has a firm belief that stories are ultimately about people and the human capacity for empathy and compassion. When not behind a camera or in the editing black hole, Josh's other passions include listening to a record while reading a good book, expanding his Hawaiian shirt collection, annoying his wife and 2 kids, and watching movies.

no moment is too small or too big.

We tell really epic stories in a really epic way.

Unconventional, daring wildness is the name of the game over here. We push boundaries through analog, digital, and video storytelling, and we help bring your stories to life through stunning visuals that capture the candid, unlock the unfiltered, and embrace the energetic.

Because, here’s the truth: every story deserves to be told — and that goes for yours, too.

At Diana Edlinger Studios, you won’t find run-of-the-mill visuals — you’ll find

elevated, daring, & authentic ones.

Here, you’ll find photo and video that speaks to the wildly in love

with curiosity,
with passion,
with adventure,
with authenticity.

the wildly in love with life.

Do you want to embrace the wild?