Thank you for stopping by my mentorship page. Mentoring has been something I have been working towards my entire career. I am thrilled to share my knowledge, secrets, and expertise. I am helping guide the way for you, shooting almost ANY medium. 

This mentorship has more value than most as I am well versed in most visual storytelling mediums. 

Drone Operation. VIDEOGRAPHY. 

One-on-One Sessions.

Virtual or In-Person

Let’s chat! Whether you're just starting and don’t know where to start, or you’re an experienced photographer looking to break into Videography, I’m your gal. When you book a one-on-one session, we can meet over a coffee or a cocktail and talk shop. Don’t live in Jackson, Wyoming? No problem, we can quickly meet via Zoom! These sessions are 1-2 hours long, and you get to pick your brain and ask my advice. Help me kick-start your next idea or project. 


On Set Sessions.

in-person only

Accompany me on an actual shoot. We will have a prep session before the actual shoot. Here you will get hands-on experience of how I create my magic, how I direct clients, which cameras, lenses, and settings I use, and how I shoot to edit—terrified of balancing a gimbal? Want to learn how to fly a drone? Signup now!  


Editor’s Expertise.

Virtual or In-Person

The best investments you can make. I’ll teach you my process from culling, selecting, and creating an entire portfolio’s worth of images that will wow clients. Are you using Lightroom only? Afraid of Photoshop? Let me help you expand your knowledge and conquer those fears. No idea where to start video editing? I’ve got you, and I’ll show you the shortcuts you need to edit faster. I will show you how I use both together to create professional images. This cherry on top is a comprehensive website and portfolio review.